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Solaris Foot Baths by Karin Mueller

Bringing the  Power of the Sea into your own home

Solaris Foot Spas  are a wonderful, easy and convenient way to bring a bit of authentic Spa Time into your own home.

Seaweed has been used for many generations in Ireland for its health giving properties! 

Naturally high in over 80 vitamins and minerals, as well as precious oils, seaweed relieves aches and pains, softens the skin and restores balance leaving you feeling deeply cleansed and revitalised.

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Home office bliss driving you crazy?

If like me you have been working from home these last 12 weeks alongside many others around the country or indeed the world, its probably been somewhat of a mixed bag.
Whilst I found myself thoroughly enjoying (dare I say it) the first few weeks of 'lock-in'- more time with the kids, no 'unnecessary journeys' anywhere! Great weather, time in the garden, sleep-ins and the novelty of home-cooked food 3 times a day. Heaven?
Well, I must admit the novelty soon wore off!
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