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Beautiful uplifting, anti fungal and nourishing foot balm: DIY

Feet are the support base of our body, they work all day and therefore deserve special care and rest, even if they were made to withstand the pressure exerted by the weight of the body.

However, we rarely stop to think about how hard our feet work and that we should give them some special care. This usually only happens when we start to feel pain, develop calluses or other problems.

One way to end problems and prevent future discomfort is through daily massage of our feet before bed.

This habit helps to relax the feet and the whole body while bringing important benefits, learn some of them and how to do an amazing Lemongrass Nourishing Foot Balm.
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Solaris Foot Baths by Karin Mueller

Bringing the  Power of the Sea into your own home

Solaris Foot Spas  are a wonderful, easy and convenient way to bring a bit of authentic Spa Time into your own home.

Seaweed has been used for many generations in Ireland for its health giving properties! 

Naturally high in over 80 vitamins and minerals, as well as precious oils, seaweed relieves aches and pains, softens the skin and restores balance leaving you feeling deeply cleansed and revitalised.

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Warm flower soak: DIY

Hand baths are another beautiful way to induce relaxation and pay homage to the enormous amount of work our hands carry out on a daily basis! Something we often take for granted.
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