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Tea up your flasks

 “Make sure you’re drinking enough water” Every parent, teacher, sports coach, and doctor has told us this before, especially during the warmer mo...
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Green Tea vs White Tea: a Health Heavyweight Contest

While most of us can typically tell black tea from other types, the tea universe is much more varied and intriguing.
In this article, we are going to explore some interesting facts that will help you understand the distinction between two of the healthiest types of teas around.

We are talking about green tea vs white tea of course. Ready for the battle?

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Tea Drinks for your Summer Reunion

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy and celebrate with friends and family.
Those reunions are a great opportunity for creating and enjoying drinks, which have become the darlings of the time in most modern bars: Drinks made with tea.

Thinking about this wave and our passion for herbs, we published our first recipe, a Green Tea Mojito
Now we selected other five drink recipes with teas that are very easy to prepare and that usually please many people.

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Getting the Tea Gift Sets Ready - The Photoshoot

  Things are hectic here at Solaris. It’s almost Christmas and that means we are trying to make sure we have everything ready for all our lovely Customers. There’s lots to be done, and lots we are excited about. Here's a look at some lovely pictures from our most recent photoshoot. 
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Announcing the Solaris Tea Gift Sets

Drum roll please, we are finally showing you our lovely gift sets. See what we've come up with in his post and have a browse of our gift section on the website to see what else we have to offer in terms of tea gifts.

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Why a Tea Gift is the perfect thing to add to your Christmas Offering

At Solaris we are constantly trying to bring you tea solutions that meet your business needs. With this in mind we are developing a range of luxury gift packages for Christmas. We’re in the process of putting together an exciting gift range- find out more about what we will have to offer here. 

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